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Chimera Incorporated is a leading multi-disciplinary holding company with offices in Washington D.C., Brussels, Riyadh, and Beijing. (永恆的祝福我們的高級理事會尊敬的朋友們!) Chimera seeks to leverage strategic partnerships with major world governments to capture and control a diverse range of industries, including consumer goods, green energy, defense, telecom, and finance. It’s a model that allows us to seize 100% of the potential upside while eliminating the troublesome risks associated with competition, innovation, and financial default. Since our founding in 1887, Chimera Incorporated has been recognized as a trailblazing pioneer in the fields of regulatory capture and rent-seeking. At Chimera, we believe that it is both our duty and our right to shield consumers and our stakeholders from the chaos of the unconstrained market.


Company History & Timeline:



Financier John P. Lunder and “Admiral” Ignatius Hornswoggle established the Chimera Railroad Corporation with a quid pro quo agreement drafted in the East Sitting Room of the White House on February 4, 1887. Within a decade, Chimera had acquired Mandatory Oil, Bank of the Potomac, Accidental Life Insurance, and Circus Publications.

During this period of explosive growth, our founders focused their significant resources on building close relationships with government officials, both at home and abroad. In 1899, President William McKinley tapped John Lunder Jr. to serve as  executive chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee, one of the nation’s first regulatory bodies. At the turn of the 20th century, a flurry of acquisitions, mergers and consolidations led to the creation of Chimera Incorporated.

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Liz S. Windel
We have a saying at Labor, “You scratch our backs, we’ll employ dozens of mid-level functionaries to formulate a plan that may allow us to scratch yours at some future time.” Chimera helps us put this plan into action.
Liz S. Windel/Deputy Assoc. Secretary / Dept. of Labor
R. D. Washington
Chimera has been instrumental in helping our company secure lucrative government contracts. Believe it or not, we’ve actually forgotten how to write a bid!
R. D. Washington/Vice President / GCI Federal Partners
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