“The Less You Know” helps leading multinational holding company capture hearts, minds, and votes

WASHINGTON D.C. – Chimera Incorporated has launched the multinational conglomerate’s first educational video series, “The Less You Know,” starring the Kronies.

Teaming with Austin-based creative firm Emergent Order they have developed an animated toolkit to help Chimera Inc. inspire children ages 4-9 and members of the United States Congress with exciting visual content featuring Big G, Parts and Labor, Ariel Stryker, Kaptain Korn, and Bankor.

Reminiscent of popular televised featurettes from the golden age of animated Public Service Announcements, “The Less You Know” is the beginning of a top-secret $3 billion multi-platform campaign to educate children and Representatives on the dangers of the competitive free market. At the end of the first season of “The Less You Know,” three exceptionally lucky Congressmen (or Congresswomen — go get ‘em gals!) will be selected to leave elected office and join the upper ranks of Chimera’s Inc. Executive Lobbying Team.

“Today, children in the U.S. are learning about good governance from unreliable sources, primarily their teachers and parents. At Chimera we’re deeply concerned that the knowledge gap separating well-connected insiders from the general population is closing thanks to social media and frustrating digital technologies such as smart phones. That’s why we’re leaning in to make sure that impressionable market segments — primarily tweens and career politicians — are getting the right information, our information. We depend on our friends in Washington for backstops and bailouts, and we want them to know that they can depend on us,” said John Lunder IV, President and Chairman of Chimera Inc.

Each video in the series will feature the Kronies and their friends wrestling with issues ripped from the headlines. Don’t miss the first episode, “Laughing All The Way To The Ex-Im Bank,” and don’t forget to follow the Kronies on social media. #getkonnected


The Kronies are a project of Generation Opportunity.  Learn more at www.freethefuture.org